Kyoto’s best “Cheap” sushi!

Sushi no Musashi

If you’re looking to fill your belly with good quality sushi, INEXPENSIVE,  and get-in-out fast, this is the place! The conveyer belt style serving method is nothing new. The prices are quite attractive though. Plates start around ONLY $1.50 each. Wait for the fresh plates to make their way to you. If anyone orders the tamago, they should be asked to leave. Just my thoughts on that waste-of-good-rice topping. Anyway, back to the sush. I was very hungry. Eating solo, I did get to jump ahead of a few people that were queued up in front of me. They do not serve sake here, and was a little disappointed in that. But you can get beer.  The size of the fish servings were decent.



Here’s the “Raw horsemeat and mane”. It’s not horse meat, just horse mackerel. And it was delicious! I did get try real raw horse sashimi at another place, that will be in another blog post. (spoiler: it was incredible!)



The different colored plates represent different prices. Blue plates are the cheapest…I stacked them up! One surprise was the raw squid leg. Very very good. They place a little wabsabi under it with the rice for a flavor. I know why this is a favorite choice for catching fish and using as bait…

This isn’t a sit down and take your time kind of place. There are much better options for that. But if you want fast, cheap and good; this is the place. I ate a bunch and my total bill was under $20 for ELEVEN PLATES!

It is located in Kyoto Station:


Sushi no Musashi website

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