Street Fishing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a hot mess! A beautiful mix of cultures, food, near endless canals, museums and…fishing. The city, of course, is well known for a couple other things, lol. If you haven’t ever traveled there, I highly recommend visiting. Some of the cheapest airfares from the United States and Canada are found flying into Amsterdam… Continue Reading

Angler’s Inn Lake Picachos

Mark my words… THIS WILL BE THE ONE OF THE TOP LARGEMOUTH BASS LAKES IN THE WORLD WITHIN THREE YEARS. With the long growing season, baring any environmental disaster, you could see it happen in two years. Short history, Lake Picachos, as this I write this, is ONLY 13 YEARS OLD. Find another lake in… Continue Reading

Fishing Austria (Danube River)

Austria is a very beautiful country! The nice thing about traveling to Europe from “The States” is that once you’re over there, it’s relatively easy to travel around to other countries. For my last trip there, the main purpose was fishing for big ZANDER in The Netherlands. I decided to add a flight over to… Continue Reading

Fishing in Japan: Wild Koi!

Japan’s culture and history is interwoven with fishing. They have over 2,000 fishing ports! When you think of sushi, you think of Japan. Many “techniques” for bass fishing used in the US (and around the world) originate from there. Cane pole fishing has been around for hundreds of years and you can still see this… Continue Reading

Mar Mac Lodge, Ontario Canada

This unique wilderness lodge is located on Esnagi Lake in Ontario’s Algoma Country.  You can arrive here by float plane via White River Air or by train in White River. For this adventure we took a plane in and trained out. Each cabin is very spacious and beautifully designed. Ours had all the amenities needed… Continue Reading