Fishing in Japan: Wild Koi!

Japan’s culture and history is interwoven with fishing. They have over 2,000 fishing ports! When you think of sushi, you think of Japan. Many “techniques” for bass fishing used in the US (and around the world) originate from there. Cane pole fishing has been around for hundreds of years and you can still see this method being used today by Japanese fishermen in this video. At the first spot I stopped to fish, there was a nice yellow wild koi using the area. Koi simply translates to “carp”. The brightly patterned koi found in many ponds and water gardens, are referred to as nishikigoi. This specific one was a catch I’ll never forget…

    • Many live in the big rivers of Japan, roaming wild. Catch and release only for me. Yes, that fish could have sold for a lot of money, but it is swimming free.

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