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100% Waygu Beef Bowl for under $10?

In the states, trying to find a place that serves waygu is rare. “USDA Choice” doesn’t even come close to taste and quality of the Japanese waygu. And to be able to enjoy a meal featuring it for under $12…almost impossible. First, let’s talk about what makes waygu beef different. This will break explain it easily:


A5 grade Japanese Waygu is the best of the best when it comes this carnivorous delicacy. Searching on the interwebs, here’s a place that can ship you some A5 stuff, $1,499 (PLUS shipping) for a nine pound piece:

 If you’re traveling on a budget and want to get a taste of this incredible beef, go to Wayguuu in Kyoto. After touring around Fushimi Anari Taisha, I stopped by here for a bite. Side note: I highly recommend visiting Fushimi Inari in the morning before the crowds and countless selfie-taking Gaijins (guilty). Wayguuu is located with an easy 2-3 minute walk from Inari Station or Fushimi Inari Taisha.

They serve 100% Japanese Waygu beef bowls here for….drum roll….$9.40!!!! This was spring 2018 prices.

I actually ended up getting one of their Kujonegi Dog after destroying the Wayguuu bowl. Here’s the bowl I had. Simple ingredients, but so much flavor:

Japan is great for BOTH high end dining and budget eats like this. Wayguuu is a great example of the latter. Bottom line, if you’re in Kyoto, this is a MUST.

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